For Slaves With Anxiety – Skylar Locke e i

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your nerves. Just listen to me as I say, and all will be smooth sailing. I just want you to feel good, to become my little stroking doll, no worries, no fear, just feel free to do whatever I say. The pace is up to you. Nice, slow, sultry. My mesmerizing tactics will calm your nerves and the whispers will erase the fear of arousal from you. Its just a matter of feeling good, becoming my little stroking doll, without any worries or fears, just follow what I say and youll be fine. Together, well work at your own pace. Nice, sultry, slow. Ill use my mesmerizing tactics to calm your nerves and my whispers to soothe your fears of awakening. As much as I want you to feel good, I want you to be my little stroking...
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