Roxxi & Brook in: BatGirl Unleashed Upon 'Robbery Mansion' & the Case of the Sock-Stuffed Pink Prowler! (The 'Another Fine Predicament' Cut!) – Borderland Bound barefoot brunettes

Roxxi & Brook in: BatGirl Unleashed Upon 'Robbery Mansion' & the Case of the Sock-Stuffed Pink Prowler! (The 'Another Fine Predicament' Cut!) - Borderland Bound barefoot brunettesTo find more videos from
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next heist. Batgirl arrives to discover that her suspicions were true: Pink Prowler is busy ransacking the house. Wasting no time, Batgirl enters the scene ordering Pink Prowler to stop. The supervillain, after a failed battle, doesnt seem to want to resist any more and complies. However, she doesnt seem at all concerned about the arrival of the heroine. Batgirl threatens Pink Prowler, saying her criminal career is over. Yet the criminal maintains a contemptuous attitude towards her. After a few moments, it becomes clear why Pink Prowler looks so confident. Indeed, Batgirl does not notice that a masked henchman slowly emerges from a door behind her. The henchman attacks Batgirl by grabbing her behind her: taken by surprise, the superheroine struggles in vain to free herself. Meanwhile Pink Prowler watches the scene laughing triumphantly. Moments later, Batgirl is taken to a storage room. There, the henchman begins tying the superheroine up with ropes, while Pink Prowler mocks her and her plight. Batgirl defiantly responds to the villains words, until the henchman gags her with a cloth gag, silencing her words. Pink Prowler delights in watching Batgirl wriggle in the ropes and mumble into the gag! Soon, Prowler is back and the struggling heroine cant prevent her boots being removed, revealing the dark coloured socks covering her feet. Satisfied, Pink Prowler exits the room while her Henchman scours the manse for booty. Left alone, Batgirl furiously tries to free herself, mumbling through her gag, kicking her legs, arching her socked feet and wriggling her toes. After a few moments, Pink Prowler returns to the room and removes the gag from Batgirls mouth: She tells her that he has taken all the loot from the house and it was time to say goodbye. Batgirl angrily replies not to have any illusions: sooner or later, she would have found her and she would have made her pay for that night. Annoyed by those words, Pink Prowler decides to punish the superheroine: she peels off one of Batgirl’s socks and stuffs it into her mouth, then puts the gag back on. The sock gagged Batgirl grumbles indignantly as Pink Prowler is about to leave. However, just then the henchman appears and before we know it, the inevitable double cross is in full bloom! The lady criminal, surprised, is no match for Gordon the Hench! Once tied up, the henchman decides to take off Pink Prowlers boots too, revealing her white socks. Between her the criminal continues to threaten him, the henchman takes off one of her socks and uses it to gag her. At that...
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