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inside her belly at this point, seeing all her best features. She even already has a friend inside her belly nearly digested.

JASPER REED  is feeling extra hungry and the only thing that will satisfy her is a full-sized man just like you. Nothing feels quite as good as devouring a nice adult-sized man. Of course, the process wont be painless. It will hurt quite a bit. Feeling her digestive juices tearing you apart wont be pleasant. Youll be deep inside her belly at that point and seeing all her best parts. She even has an almost fully digested friend inside her belly for you already. JASPER REED unbuttons her pants to make room and shows off her big mouth. She licks you and wets you to make sliding you in even easier for her.  Soon enough, its time to unhinge her jaw and swallow you down. Youre deep inside her, causing JASPER REEDs belly to bloat huge. She rubs her belly and talks about how good it feels to digest you. Digestion happens quickly, and soon its...

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