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sexy and wrinkled they are. They fight a little and the gut behind them decides to let them have a contest to see who is stronger and faster! They compare the lengths of their feet, their heights, and their hands. They even perform a speed test. Kenzie is laying out on her blanket in the yard in her bikini and Riley comes and lays out with her. As they lay out they talk a little and start to show off for a guy thats sitting behind them showing off there sexy wrinkly bare soles and toes. The gut behind them notices there fighting a little and he decides to let them do a contest on whose stronger and faster at everything! The go inside and compare there bare feet, height and hands. Then measure each other foot length. They even do a speed test with a ping pong ball on who can grab it faster. Even trying to see who can eat a banana faster!! Watch these girls on how fast and stronger they...
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