Climbing Mount Anna 6K VR 360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips e shrinking fetish

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towers above you as she drinks water, and you can see how the flood cascades into her.

As your minuscule form scurries across the carpet you hear a stirring from high above. Anna, who has been sound asleep on the couch, appears to be waking. First, an outstretched arm. Then, the first moans of waking – and her fully nude body sits upright, nearly crushing you beneath the fall of her bare foot.

ours herself a glass of water, drinking it while her foot towers above you – with every sip she consumes you imagine the flood cascading into her stomach. Anna steps close – your fight or flight response kicks in with a burst of adrenaline. Run and hide or try to get the giantess attention? You take the risk, and rush to leap between Annas toes – determined to climb her until she notices you.

Almost as soon as youve climbed on, she begins to pace the room. You struggle to grasp onto the warm, soft, and lightly sweaty mountain of flesh that is Anna Lemons foot as she strolls to the bathroom – with each step you wonder if youve made a horrible mistake, but you hang on. The sweet smell of lotion fills the air, and the brunette goddess smears the liquid down her impossibly long legs. Fortunately for you, her hands never reach her feet – youre spared the final embarrassment of knowing youre about to be squished into a fine smear across her body without even a wink of acknowledgment... for now, at least.

Returning to the living room, she lays...

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