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preparing a BIG TASTY MEAL, letting it sit and marinate inside her stomach... I mean... The oven! The video begins with Honey cleaning up the kitchen and showing her FULL BELLY. She turns around and bends over, jiggling her ass and laughing. Honey looks back at the camera, grabbing her ass cheeks and smiling! Her slave has NO IDEA what he is in for! Honey leans down and asks her slave if he is hungry as she pats her stomach and laughs! The meal isnt ready yet, but the slave can have a PEEK INSIDE THE OVEN! Honey laughs as she presses her anus right to the slaves nose and tells him to SNIFF DEEP! Its just an appetizer before the MAIN COURSE! Her BUBBLY ASS pops out the bottom of her chefs jacket as she BOUNCES and CRUSHES HER SLAVE between her ass cheeks! Multiple times throughout the video, Honey spreads her ass cheeks wide and SITS ON THE SLAVES MOUTH! With a tight seal she laughs, the food is almost ready, but its a false alarm! The slave lets out a cry as she keeps smothering him, covering his face with her ass and demanding her SMELL HER COOKING! If you are a fan of Princess Honey, You...
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