Jenna and the little accident 4K Version VR360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips pantyhose/stockings g

Jenna and the little accident 4K Version VR360 - Winzlings Shrinking Clips pantyhose/stockings gTo find more videos from
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you like it!”

“I know what to do with you... and I dont really care if you want it or not.” She says, releasing a simple laugh as she takes off her black stockings – showing you how youll attend the party she plans on going to, tonight. She places you inside, whipping it through the air. “Did you have enough fun? Are you dizzy? … and now I will put you on, hehe!”

The giant round orbs of her toes rush their way down the long nylon tunnel, from which there is no escape. They get closer and closer, until you can smell the faint stench of her sweat – and closer still as youre pressed firmly between the stretching fabric and her foot.

“How are you dear?” You hear her playful words as she presses her foot – and you – into the carpet below. “Is it good for you there? Not hurting?” She steps over and over, checking to make sure youre not hurt too badly.

“Dont touch my things, next time.” She says, pointing the long shrinkray at you, mocking your mistake while she shakes her foot back and forth.

To your relief, she removes you from the stockings – maybe shes finally come to her senses? “Youve already been inside my stockings... but how about my boots?” From the bottom of the long black column of shoe, you see the brunnetes face peering in with a smile. “So how do you feel inside there? Do you like it?” The sound of her approaching stockinged foot roars with friction as it scratches against the fabric, and it quickly overwhelms the limited space inside the boot. You feel every step, every and concious flex of her toes, and every dance while she goes to the party, without anyone else ever knowing about you – the tiny man trapped...

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