Mandy Wolf – Being the Bosses Bitch – HD 1080p MP4 – Bratty Foot Girls toes footjobs

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Studio:Bratty Foot Girls
Length:17 min
job, he shoved one of her feet in his mouth and down his throat while sucking on it as ordered. Mandy kept laughing at him and humiliating him with words while he was sucking on her feet like that. She even took some pictures of him doing this and told him that she will show to the rest of the girls to give them a teaser of what they will enjoy soon.
While Jason was sucking on her feet, Mandy moved closer to him and grabbed his head and started pushing it up and down and deeper on her foot to make him slobber more, saying: You want you be a better slut and slobber more! Come on little bitch! Jason started choking and gagging more on her feet.
The Closure:
Mandy orders Jason to stop and she rubs her feet on his face to wipe off the spit, then she decided to keep him and tells him: Alright I think I will keep you around for me and the girls to have some fun!
Jason thanked her and asked if he can go for now, Mandy smiled and said: Hmm.. hold on for just a minute! The camera fades out and then gets back to a scene of Mandy putting both of her feet on Jasons head using him as a footstool while talking...
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