Bianca loses it! bianca blance wrestling

Bianca loses it! bianca blance wrestlingBianca loses it! bianca blance wrestlingTo find more videos from
Hanz VanDerKill's Battle Theatre
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Studio:Hanz VanDerKill's Battle Theatre
Length:12 minutes
she starts to lose track of what she wants to say and simply trails off with a half hearted shrug it will be what it will be. The match starts innocently enough. They wrestle back and forth for position. Bianca is aggressive eventually pulling hair and clawing at Hanzs face. A submission is not far behind as Bianca traps Hanz in a headscissors. Hanz taps but Bianca doesnt let go. She continues to attack relentlessly clearly taking out her anger on her male opponent. Its starting to feel good. For Hanz it quickly becomes survival mode trying to avoid taking lasting damage mainly to his face. Every now and then he sees Mia Annabella, who is substituting camera duties with a sadistic grin on her face enjoying what shes seeing. As she would! At one point Bianca looks directly at the camera and her gaze is distant, her eyes are glossed over, and she appears to not be aware of the camera anymore or anything...
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