Tyler Lynn Scissor Machine: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors domination humiliation

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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:21 min
With his perfect feet in front of the camera locking out her straight headscissors -- she mocks him for it, taunts him as a footstool. Tyler Lynn, the 20-year-old cheerleader without a tattoo -- with her perfect and brutally strong legs and stunning body, here owns Charles in eye-popping headscissors, taunting him to get free in her textbook figure-four headscissors, mocking him as he suffers and sputters and kicks as her legs clamp fearsome pressure on his neck. Tylers perfect feet in the cameras face locking out her straight headscissors -- she makes him tap and mocks him for it. She taunts him using him as a footstool, laughing her adorable, evil laugh. Foot chokes she leans into up on her palms, her Hollywood pretty face looking down at him with degrees of indifference and satisfaction. How you doin down there? she sneers as he moans with the side of her foot pressing on his throat. She stands over him, laughing at him with her foot on his throat. She steps on him, standing on him with her full 125 pounds as he whispers his words from the pressure on his chest. Tylers breathtaking legs, her perfect soles and feet in the cameras face. She orders him up and into her arms, taking his back in locking on her devastating rear naked choke -- mocking him still and smiling her addictive smile. She orders him again to be her footstool, her soles in the...
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