Throatstand Scream: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors choking knockout

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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:14 min
a big smile at the man who came dressed in 87 degree October dressed all in black with a black face mask as Opal says he is important somewhere to someone. We do what she says. She orders Charles to bow to her and kiss her big, perfect feet that the important man worships. She stands on the subs throat with one foot, pivoting the other for leverage that flexes her incredible calf muscle. She tells Charles she loves to hear the sounds of his suffering then drops another vicious standing double heel choke onto his throat as he screams up again at her and the man whose shoulder she holds as she taunts the sub, the side of her foot on pressing on his throat. Her worshipping camerman hands her water that she uses to make it easier to spit in Charles face; she picks up her old sneaker and pumps it inside his face as his teeth squeak and she wraps both hands around the shoe, ramming and pumping it into his throat and smiling brightly as in vicious...
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