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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:8 min
breasts. The match reminds me of his match against Zoe many years ago where he was flattened and smothered regardless of his efforts. The huge breasted Brooklyn uses the breast smother, her most effective submission hold, in this one-sided match to crush Angelo. As Brooklyn uses her size and weight advantage to get on top of Angelo and smother him over and over, Angelo cannot avoid her enormous breasts. The match reminds him of his fight with Zoe years ago, when he ended up flattened and smothered no matter how hard he tried. As Brooklyn uses her most effective submission hold, the breast smother, in this one-sided match, Angelo is destroyed. Brooklyns size and weight advantage allow her to get on top and repeatedly smother Angelo, regardless of how hard he tries. It resembles his match with Zoe from years ago, where no...
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