Foot Licking Cousins – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS cuck wet

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Length:12 min
LOSERS. In addition to being small and pathetic, they are even related! Hahahahahaha It seems foot freaks run in the family, and Skylar wants to see who can use their tongues the best! In order to compete, Princess Skylar demands that the two foot freaks lick the high heels clean, turning their tongues black. HAHAHAHAHAHAH   They then have to beg for worship of her feet. They don’t just get to lick her toes, it is a PRIVILEGE. Despite their small size and pathetic nature, Princess Skylar is sitting on her throne with TWO LOSERS at her feet. Not only are they pathetic, but they are actually related! Hahahahaha Apparently foot freaks are in the family and Skylar is eager to find out who can use their tongue better! Skylar asks them to lick her high heels so that they turn their tongues black! They then have to BEg to worship her feet! Getting to touch her toes isnt just a privilege, it is a privilege! A princess seated on a throne has TWO losers at her feet. They are not only small and pathetic, but they are also...
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