Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize ass worship

Biderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize ass worshipBiderman's Chart: 1) ISOLATION mesmerize ass worshipTo find more videos from
Goddess Madam Violet
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Studio:Goddess Madam Violet
Length:23 minutes
that they are banned from use on this platform.Why? Because you are mentally weak and it is incredibly easy to break your mind, shatter your psyche and own your soul. Apparently thats a bad thing. Ruining men is sooooo easy for Me. Especially when there is a clearly laid out 8 stage programme to help Me achieve My aims.In order to ensure that you are not a reluctant victim I will require your full verbal consent. You want Me to DOMINATE you entirely, OWN you completely? I need to BREAK you utterly. One step at a time, TOGETHER.Isolation, monopolisation of perception, humiliation and...
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