Bug Patrol HD – Media Impact Customs handheld growth

Bug Patrol HD - Media Impact Customs handheld growthTo find more videos from
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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:16 min
boob smothers, vores, bicep crushes, ass crushes, hand crushes, body explorations. Having wished all their enemies to be tiny and in their room, VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum go on Bug Patrol destroying all bugs through a variety of methods: foot crush, boob smother, vore, bicep crush, ass crush, hand crush, body exploration. Then they go on Bug Patrol, eliminating all their enemies in many different ways, including foot crushing, boob crushing, voreing, bicep crushing, azz crushing, hand crushing, and body exploring. Keri Spectrum and VeVe Lane decide to have all of their enemies be tiny so they can destroy them in lots of different ways. The methods...
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